Meta-materials, intrigue & TTSA.

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The last few months have been incredibly busy on the UAP front, we have seen Dr Hal Puthoff speak on the A.A.T.I.P. study at the S.S.E convention in Nevada at the start of July, and Luis Elizondo appeared on Coast to Coast AM radio with George Knapp touching briefly on meta-materials and how they may be tested.

There was also an announcement made about the A.D.A.M. research project coupled with the release of a short video on YouTube, which showed Luis Elizondo collecting samples from the public and returning them on an eighteen hour drive back to EarthTech International, handing them over to Hal Puthoff and Eric Davis.

Now. Before we go forward, we must go back to look at previous circumstances in which some of these mystery materials may have been acquired in the past.

Here i would like to take a brief look at past UAP encounters that have involved flying objects which appeared to be dropping materials towards the ground, and instances where on-site collections have been made.

There are many notable cases of this but one in particular stands out in my mind…
Over the decades there have been many intriguing claims of UAP phenomena literally raining metal from the skies. On one occasion two young men were walking across a university campus, on a rain filled night in Bogota, Brasil in 1975. The two men heard a loud banging noise above their heads, they looked up to see a saucer shaped craft four meters in diameter swinging in the air as if it were in difficulty. The two men took refuge under a nearby tree, whilst the observation was being made, the young gentleman were again shocked to see the arrival of four other disks. They appeared to be offering assistance to the craft that was in trouble. At that point the object started to drop what looked like a liquid substance that fell towards the street hitting puddles of water and creating steam.

At that point, all five objects raised up and disappeared into the rain clouds, the men then walked over to the puddles to find two metal fragments each four inches by one inch in size. The samples were then eventually handed over to Brazilian UFO investigators, who then give the pieces to Dr Jacques Vallee.

Dr. Jacques Vallee

Another similar event took place in the infamous Rendlesham forest incident of December 1980. Colonel Charles Halt and his small unit of soldiers came face to face with a red light that appeared to blink moving between pine trees which also appeared to be dripping molten metal. The red light all of a sudden burst into five white orbs which in turn disappeared into the darkness of the woods. This was witnessed on the second of three nights of activity in and around the Woodbridge & Bentwaters base. It has also been said that UAP fragments, were recovered from the scene of the encounter and given to two investigators named Brenda Butler and Dot Street who were closest in the vicinity at the time. It is also being reported by many researchers today, that TTSA could be in possession of the Bentwaters UAP fragments, after documents shown in the ADAM project video seemed to highlight their existence.

Tests and evaluations in metallurgy

After collecting the samples from the Bogota incident, Dr. Vallee returned to the United States, and the mysterious fragments were tested by a high ranking petroleum company in central america, who in turn came up with the following compositions for the meta-materials.
The pieces were put under an X-ray in the fluorescence spectrum which revealed layers of Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen.
Also, underneath those layers were the following:

94% Aluminium
5% Phosphourus
1% Iron

Also found within the compound were traces of magnesium and tin, along with elements that could not be identified, which had a non magnetic property. Additionally, an oxy carbon layer was  also found and was consistent all around the outer edges of the samples.

It is at that point that Dr Vallee’s research may of came to rest until further advancements in technology to gain better evaluations in the area of meta-materials.

The above sample is made up of Bismuth and Magnesium and was given to Art Bell and Linda Moulton Howe in 1996 by a retired military officer, who claimed the fragment had come from a crashed UAP in the July of 1947.

The layers in the sample were B-1 microns, mg-150 microns. The Bismuth layer was less than a human hair in density and the Magnesium layer was ten times the thickness of a human hair.
The white lines are the separation of the bismuth but no evidence was found to indicate that anyone had ever made a structure of this kind, attempts have been made to replicate it but to no avail as the bismuth/magnesium layers will not bond together using conventional terrestrial technologies. It was also claimed there was no function for the mass and was deemed useless.
However as our scientific understanding progressed, striking new evidence came to light detailing how the piece had a very good microscopic wave guide in very high frequencies for electromagnetic radiation and terahertz frequencies:

^ ~ 60 microns
Bi layer ~ 3 microns
Sub wavelength guide effect.

The Material sample had unusual characteristics that needed further investigation.
As the Method to manufacture is difficult to assess/reproduce, it is not 100% understood what the Purpose and function is of the Bismuth/Magnesium layered piece.
More facts may come to light as scientific and technical knowledge progress. It was also summarized this material could give off a bi-product that could be harmful and cause sickness in humans once it was under stress and being tested.
It was theorized that the piece could exert Terra Hertz radiation that could distort atoms inside of matter, hence, the distortion of the space/time continuum.
(excerpts from the book Confrontations by Jacques Vallee, 1990)

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